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Kalrav Children Hospital

As the slogan states, Kalrav Children Hospital is serving its little patients with extra care. As having the best expert and experienced doctors, Dr. Mehul P. Sevak & Dr. Monil B. Shah at the heart of Kutch - Bhuj City, Hospital is serving the patients with the facilities of Latest Technology.

Cleanness and hygiene is at the top of priority in order to serving the patients. Having compassionate staff which understands the importance of their duty is the beneficial thing. Mission is to give the best service to our little patients with the appropriate environment.

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Serving the little ones with care.

Tips for Premature Baby Care

  • Stick to a Feeding Schedule
  • Keep Record Of Your Baby’s Growth
  • Keep Track of the Baby’s Vision
  • Monitoring the Baby’s Hearing
  • Keeping in Touch with Your Doctor
  • Take Care of Your Baby’s Sleep Requirements
  • Avoid to Give Solid Food
  • Getting Your Baby Immunized
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